Rapporti internazionali – Letteratura scientifica


Sesto Rapporto dell’IPCC di Valutazione sui Cambiamenti Climatici (AR6) Change 20/03 2023: AR6 Rapporto di sintesi e qui la sintesi per i decisori politici

IPCC Italia- Climate Change 2022: Mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici tutti i documenti in italiano

First part of the Sixth Assessment Report – Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis

EU -JRC Science for Policy Report – National energy and climate plans for 2021-2030

UNEP – Emission Gap Report 2020

McKINSEY &C. – How the European Union could achieve net-zero emissions at net-zero cost

IPCC – Climate change and land

IPCC – Ocean an cryosphere

ISPRA – Italian Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2018, 2020

IPBES – Global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services

EEA – The european environment – State and outlook 2020

EEA – Sustainability tranistions: policy and practice 

EPSC – Europe’s sustainability puzzle

GABC – 2019 Global status report for buildings and construction

UNEP/IRP – Global resources outlook

UNEP- The gap emissions report 2019.

UNEP/IRP – The land restoration report

FAO – The state of food and agriculture 2019.

UNEP – The production gap 2019 Report

EEA –  Electric vehicles from life cycles and circular economy perspective

UNEP – Resource efficiency and climate change  

BPIE – How to include building renovation in your sustainable energy and climate plan

IEA – World energy outlook 2019

Articoli Scientifici

Lo stato dell’ambiente

Bradshaw – Underestimating the challenges of avoiding a ghastly future

Will Steffen e altri – Planetary boundaries: guiding human dvelopment on a changing planet

Will Steffen e altri – Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene

Francisco Sanchez-Bayo e altri – Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: a review of its drivers

Dieter Gerten – Feeding ten billions peopleis possible within four terrestrial planetary boundaries

Joeri Rogelj e altri– Estimating and tracking the remaining carbon budget for stringent climate targets

William Ripple e altri – World scientists’ warning of a climate emergency

Timothy Lenton e altri – Climate tipping points – Too risky to bet against

Arjen Hoechstra – Humanity’s unsustainable environmental footprint

Bonneuil/Fressoz – The shock of the Anthropocene

Chi Xu (徐驰) e altri – Future of the human climate niche

Che cosa fare

Mokter Hossain – Grassroots innovation: the state of the art and future perspectives

European Commission – Un’Europa sostenibile entro il 2030

Wuppertal Institute – The energy transition in Europe

Richard Hewitt e altri – Social innovation in energy community in Europe: a review of the evidence

Azioni locali

Linee guida per il Piano dei Sindaci:  Guidebook ‘How to develop a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)’ 

EU -JRC Science for Policy Report -Synthesis report on the assessment of member state’s building renovation strategies

JRC – How to develop a sustainable energy and climate action plan 

Friends of the art – 3actions local authorities can take on climate change – 

Ewa Iwaszuk e altri – The transformation potential of local climate change strategies – 

Mistra urban futures report – Co-creation for socio-ecologicalurban development? –

Swianiewicz e altri – Local leadership in climate change policies – 

Den Exter e altri – Governing climate change in Dutch cities: anchoring local climate strategies in organization, policy and paractical implementation

Come motivare

Brain e altri – Co-benefits of addressing climate change can motivate action aroundthe world – 

Pacific Institute for climate solutions – What works . and what doesn’t – for engagingpeoplein cliamte change – 

Luo e altri – Motivated attention in climate change perception and action – 

Climate conversations milieu – Motivating climate action – 

Markman – Why people aren’t motivated to adress climate change – 

The Dragons of Inaction Psychological Barriers That CC mitigation

Consumi individuali e azione collettiva

Ivanova e altri – Quantifying the potential for climate change mitigation of consumption options

Ilona Otto e altri- Human agency in the Anthropocene

Michael Kopatz – Ecoroutine: change structures instead of people

Ilona Otto e altri – Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth’s climate by 2050

Ghislain Dubois e altri – It starts at home? Climate policies targeting household consumption and behavioral decisions are key to low-carbon futures

Felix Creutzig e altri- Towards demand-side solutions for mitigating climate change

Stefan Thomas e altri – Energy sufficiency policy for residential electricity use and per-capita dwelling size.

Stili di vita

An action plan for the renovation wave: collectively achieving sustainable buildings in Europe

A framework for shaping sustainable lifestyles

1.5 Degres Lifestyles

European Green Deal

Consumi individuali e azione collettiva: